Minimal trance

Minimal trance music is a genre characterised by it's reliance on drums and bass to form the majority of sounds.

Techno trance

Fusion between trance and techno music, popular in Germany and the UK.

Vocal Trance

Vocal trance is a genre that combines the classic bass and melody heavy trance tracks with vocals from singers.

Psy Trance

Psychedelic trance or Psytrance is a special genre in trance music due to it's popularity on a global scale.

Deep trance

Unique in style, deep trance is a less busy but still melodic and sublime genre of trance.

Goa trance

Goa trance is another offshoot of psychedelic trance that is defined by eastern culture melodies. These melodies can be found in traditional arabic (common in Israel) and Indian music and they are easily distinguishable by their minor key style.

Euro trance

Euro trance was a popular music style in the late 80's and beginning of the 90s. Very popular in central Europe, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, Euro trance quickly became one of the favourite styles and made trance music popular to the masses.

The characteristics are tons of layers of melodies, big lead sounds and arpeggio sounds. Euro trance is the most commercial form of trance and responsible for the popularity achieved up until now