Filo & Peri

The band name came from the actual names of the members: Dominic Filopei and Bo Pericic. Separated, these two music artists can profess a different music genre but combined, they can produce remarkable trance music. The band is well known for their unique trance music as their musical difference has allowed them to fuse something powerful.
Filo is primarily a rock musician as his main influences were 80s and 90s rock bands. Peri, on the other hand, is focused on electronic genre. Because of this difference in music, they were able to incorporate each other's musical preferences and come out with trance music appreciated around the world.
The group was formed in 2003 when Filo was introduced to Peri. They immediately worked on their music which led to the release of a record named "Elevation" in the same year. The single was released under the record label A State of Trance. Even though they are only together for just a few years, their fusion garnered attention by top DJs around the world. Paul van Dyk even played their smash hit "Anthem". This track is even deemed special by Billboard since it was the first trance that became part of Billboard's Dance charts.
Filo and Peri are well known for their "Uplifting Trance" it's a form of trance music that can be closely identified with Goa Trance. Filo and Peri are one of the biggest names attached to this type of music.

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