Mauro Picotto

Mauro Picotto is an electronic musician from Italy specializing in Techno music. He started in a group called Capella where he learned rave which eventually lead him to a successful solo stint in another electronic music genre. Today, he one is of Europe’s best trance DJ touring around the world with his eclectic style of trance music. Before establishing his name to international fame, he was popular under the names “CRW, RAF and Lizard Man”.

His rise to fame started when he won the Walky Cup competition. There he met the person that would eventually help him become a well known DJ: Daniele Davoli was just releasing the single “Ride on Time”. Mauro Picotto offered to work on the single as a producer. His work with Davoli eventually led to his single “We Gonna Get”.

His well known club anthems were released late in the 90s and in the early 2000s. Songs such as “Pulsar”, “Iguana” and “Komodo” are constantly chart topping hits in the UK. His success in the UK charts led him to a historic performance in Top of the Pops. He was the first DJ to mix live in the show featuring his song “Komodo”.

Because of his success in club music, he became a recognized personality in Ibiza - one of the best party places on earth. Every Wednesday, he would host a party called “Meganite” at Privilege Club. He would later release albums named after the party. He is also the owner of a record label named Bakerloo.

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