Progressive Trance Network.

The progressive trance music network is a resource website for artists, DJ's, record labels, promoters and people who simply love the music and the scene.

We feature a host of DJ profiles, a trance music shop, links to free MP3 downloads, a music website directory as well as a news section from the blogsphere.

Progressive trance music originates from the combination of psychedelic trance and progressive house and has a distinctive sound softer than normal trance and harder than normal house music.

You can now vote for your favourite trance DJs and record labels. We will publish your votes in real time so you can find the most popular.

We are also providing you links to free downloads and record shops to buy your favourite music.

The site was launched in 2005 to provide a complete guide to the artists and record labels with the best music around. We continue to do this with the same enthusiasm in 2009.

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