Talla 2XLC

Anyone familiar with the history of techno and electronic music will always recognize the name Talla 2XLC. Born Andreas Tomalla, Talla 2XLC is a German DJ that has pushed the popularity of electronic and trance music not only in his native country but also in Europe. His reputation in electronic music industry is not just as a musician but also a pioneer.
Talla 2XLC started his career as a DJ in 1984 by establishing a small club called Technoclub. The popularity of the club was imminent because he is part of a recognized band in his area called Moskwa TV. The club features electronic music which was considered very new in Frankfurt.
He pushed his music further by establishing the group Bigod 20 during the late 80s. It was also during those years that he established Music Research wherein he signed up with various labels to distribute the music of the band. The group saw success since its establishment until mid 90s.
Talla 2XLC started to focus on trance music after the band was dissolved in 1994. He eventually branched out to specific forms of trance music and he became known to adapt to any form of trance music. Sine 1997, he started to be part of various remixes and releasing new albums.
The reputation of Talla 2XLC is often as a pioneer and a highly skilled electronic musician. His small Technoclub in Germany is considered one of the birthplaces of techno music. After more than 30 years in the industry, Talla 2XLC is still active in releasing albums and providing remixes to popular artists.

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