Blank and Jones

Blank & Jones is the group name composed of trance DJs. Based in Germany, the group members are Jan Pieter Blank aka Piet Blank and Rene Runge aka DJ Jaspa Jones. Although not credited as part of the group, the duo often collaborates with Andy Kaufhold (aka N*D*K) who became their producer since the duo was formed.

Piet Blank started his experience with trance by learning to spin a record when he was 16. Jaspa Jones on the other hand is already a well known DJ in Düsseldorf at 19. They were formed with the help of Andy Kaufhold during Popkomm - a popular meeting event in Germany for artists in various genres and format.

The group started by performing in various clubs around Germany. It was only in 1997 that the group eventually released a single. This first album was released in 1999 titled "In the Mix" and this album became their ticket to worldwide fame. As the title suggest, they have an uncanny ability to remix popular hit songs. They worked with various artists such as Sarah McLachlan, Delerium and even Anne Clark. Aside from popular singles that became part various charts in Germany, they are also known for their series of chill-out albums named Relax.

The chart topping singles of Blank & Jones is a testimony of their popularity. They already have a 13 singles that became part of German Top 50. They have also credited their popularity due to their involvement with which hosts streaming music and Viva-Club Rotation.

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