Drizzly Music

Drizzly Music is a label and artist management company based in Germany. The company was founded in 1993 by Faris Al-Hassoni and Volker Diehl.

It's sublabels are: 2Tribes Records, Club Guerilla, Club Quake Records, Bauplan Records, Asgard Records, AxWax Records, Composure Records, Construct Rythm, Electric Sauna Records, Global Player, IBHC, Jerk Records, House Foundation, Illuminate Records, Logport Recordings, Planet Traxx Records, Real Groove, Red Silver Recordings, Rude Tunes, Swop Records, Thrill Records and Universal Prime Breaks.

Throughout time, this record company convinced many artists to join them: Junk Project, Armin van Buuren, DJ Errik, Tiesto or Paul van Dyk.

Drizzly releases can be found in record shop and online stores worldwide.

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