Victor Calderone

Victor Calderone is a New York-based DJ, known around the world for his impressive house music as well as remixes for well known songs. He has more than 20 years of experience in the music industry which makes him an enduring DJ and music producer of the electronic music genre. The early days of Victor Calderone were highly influence by his brother. Cesar Calderone was a well known personality in various clubs in New York. This encouraged Victor to experiment more with music as early as 15 years old. He became part of various clubs in New York as he has shown skills at a young age. Even though Victor was in the business since early 80s, it was only in 1991 that he released an album. The album was released under Sire Records and he made music with his partner Joey Beltram. Unfortunately, the group disbanded and Victor stopped in the music business for a few years. It was only in 1997 that Victor re-emerged as a DJ. The singles "Give it Up" and "Beat Me Harder" became his ticket to fame. The album was not just a critical success as it was also received considerable playtime in the airwaves. The success of Victor Calderone led him to various gigs around the country. In one of these gigs, he met pop superstar Madonna where he was offered to remix the single "Frozen" in 1998. His work with Madonna led him to various remixes such as "Brand New Day" by Sting, "Push It" by Garbage and "Survivor" by the Destiny's Child.
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