DJ Umek

DJ Umek or UroŇ° Umek is one of the leaders in European techno music. His role in the development of techno music in Slovenia is very significant that his music has a cult following in his home country. He is even credited to fan the fire of techno music in Slovenia as his dedication to this form of music continues to this day. The early influence of DJ Umek was the disco music of the early 80s. But his love for electronic music really started when the listened to Cool Night which was run by the early adapters of electronic music in Slovenia. His development into a DJ started when he became a fan in K4 Club. In this club, he started to learn from DJs especially on how to work with mixers. He was also frequent in Palma which was also the place for his first public gig. His technique and knowledge on handling electronic music was immediately apparent that he was given a job in K4 as a regular DJ. Since then he released albums and established record labels which will show his leadership in Slovenian electronic music. The popularity of DJ Umek is not only based on his music but also in his ability to literally start the party. He is well known to organize large parties in Slovenia and in various cities in Europe. In fact, he is regarded as the pioneer when it comes to organizing rave parties in his home country. Because of his influence in electronic music in Slovenia, he is also locally dubbed as "Fotr" or Father as he has properly guided the electronic music of Slovenia to its current success.
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