DJ Tarkan

DJ Tarkan was born in Frankfurt but raised in Istanbul. Even in his early age, DJ Tarkan is already interest in vinyl and singles as he experiments on these sounds even with limited equipment. His familiarity with electronic sound significantly improved when his family transferred to Istanbul.
His career in music only started after graduating in college. Before graduating in college, his electronic music is still very personal. But he immediately gained fame as a DJ when he became part of Power FM. As his fame continues to rise through broadcast radio; his gigs in various clubs increased.
DJ Tarkan became a recognized name in Turkey in 2002 when he won the DJ of the year award. When he won the award, DJ Tarkan was part of Radio 2019 where he also worked as Production Manager. His gig with Radio 2019 ended in 2007. But before he left, he was awarded with recognition by DJ Magazine as he was rated #78 DJ in the world in 2006. This cemented his popularity around the world. The recognition also led to various collaborations and appearances in various clubs.
Along with V-SAG from Greece, DJ Tarkan established a record label named "No Smoking Recordings". The focus of the record label is on progressive, tribal and deep house music. Aside from his active participation in the record label as a producer and artist, DJ Tarkan is also a consistent performer in Frisky Radio. He has appeared in this online radio station since 2005 and continues to gather attention from millions of listeners worldwide.

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