DJ Serge Devant

Serge Devant is an upcoming DJ born in St. Petersburg. Raised in New York, he is currently a well-sought after DJ because of his appeal to crowds and eclectic music. Even though he is considered new to the industry, he has already shown talent that will undoubtedly led him to stardom.
The background in music of DJ Serge Devant is not lacking. He grew up with parents appreciating classical music and his early school years in St. Petersburg also has a particular focus on classical music. But his heart was immediately set on electronic music as soon as heard the music played in club Twilo in New York. He immediately learned to master this type of music in the late 90s. Because of his natural skills in music, he immediately found gigs in small clubs in New York.
His rise to fame started when he was discovered by Jan Johnston. A well known trance singer, she helped Serge Devant connect to the right people in the business. This led to the release of the single "Transparent" in 2004 which became part of various electronic music compilations.
International fame came when he was asked by the record label "Lost Language" to remix some songs from the label’s previous albums. The album was released in 2005 and was called "Exhibition 3". After the release of the album, he immediately went on tour with Nadia Ali where he performed as a DJ as well as a pianist. His latest album is “Wanderer" which is a highly anticipated as he is now part of the prestigious "Crobar" club in New York.

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