Deep Dish

The Iranian-American DJs Ali "Dubfire" Shirazinia and Sharam Tayebi also known as Deep Dish are amongst the most famous dance duos in the world.
Most people know Deep Dish from their famous remixes for the likes of Madona, Cher, Gabrielle, Dido, Janet Jackson, Timo Maas & Kelis (which led to a Grammy), Tina Turner, The Beloved and many others. However, their ever-loyal fans know them better for their distinctive deep house and progressive music DJ sets. This is what gave Deep Dish an underground base to go and take the world by storm later.

The legendary nights and days when Deep Dish tour around the globe dominating the dancefloor and dictating the new music trends are not over. 2007 sees them voted once more in the world's top 10 DJs to noones surprise in the dance music industry.

In addition to the parties, mixes and remixes Deep Dish have layed some strong business foundations with their record labels Yoshitoshi and Yo. Amongst their best personal stuff they have been outputting great new talent giving a promise that they will continue to stay in the forefront of electronic dance music for years yet to come.

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