Carl Cox

Born in Lancashire, England, DJ Carl Cox started out as an acid house and hardcore DJ in the 80s and became well known for spinning three turntables at once, is currently ranked number 7 worldwide. After years of DJing at clubs all over England, from Manchester to Brighton, such as The Hacienda and Heaven and at raves for Fantazia and Dreamscape he has turned his attention to producing and record labels Intec Records and 23rd Century Records, while still zipping around the globe to play gigs in South Africa, Israel, Tasmania and all over Asia. He has been awarded the IDA "DJ of the Year" award for two years running and has appeared in dance culture film "œHuman Traffic". Cox has released an immense number of singles and remixes and has been present on numerous compilations, selling millions of copies worldwide, driving the most exhausted of party goers back to the dance floor.

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