Anderson Noise

Anderson Noise is regarded as the pioneer in electronic music in Brazil. This recognition is very significant to the DJ since Brazil is regarded as one of the best party places in the world and stage for club music. His music gave way to the Brazilian flavor in electronic music which was soon followed by other Brazilians who are also achieving success.
The well known DJ started is career in 1989 which was also the year acid music started to gain track in Brazil. He immediately became a well known DJ as he has shown remarkable expertise on the relatively unknown music. By 1992, Anderson Noise can easily attract thousands of from various parts of the country.
His venture in the recording industry started in 1997 when his singles "Shantytown" and "Electronic Music Brazil" became part of a Brazilian-only DJ Album. This release gained him the popularity that would later lead him to various gigs around the world. Since 1997, he released singes and remixes that are well received in Brazil.
The international fame of Anderson Noise only came to fruition when his music became part of DJ Magazine’s choice collection. With the help of DJ Magazine, Noise released the album "DJ World Series, Anderson Noise". After releasing the album, he immediately became part of gigs around the world.
Anderson Noise is well known for his unique blend of music. He is known to react to the audience response to his initial music and this trait has made him a great DJ to watch. With this talent, it's no wonder that he was ranked 54th in DJ Magazine's top 100 DJs in the world.

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